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Elizabeth Williams Bushey

Hi. I'm Elizabeth Williams Bushey, and I created Inkless Tales twelve years ago this year - 2012- mostly because my literary agent - a really good one, who represented some heavy hitters - was cross with me for having the NERVE to have babies. (Honestly!)

Who could blame her, really? How could she know I was the kind of person who was THIS driven?

That I was determined to SHOW my daughters, not just TELL them, that a single person, as long as they never gave up, genuinely CAN make a difference in the whole wide world, no matter how small they may feel?

Not only that: I was determined to show every kid I could reach that SO COULD THEY. SO CAN ANYONE, as long as they DON'T GIVE UP.

This is a screenshot from my Google Analytics, a feature web masters can sign up for that tracks how many visitors a web site gets, and where they come from. It offers a map of the planet. Everywhere the map is green, you have visitors; everywhere the map is white, you have none.

Here's what Inkless Tales' Google Analytics "Map Overlay" typically looks like:

Inkless Tales' Google Analytics Map Overlay - the entire map is green with visits from every country on the planet

You may note that nowhere on the planet do you find any white spots, anywhere.

Literally EVERY spot on the globe visits Inkless Tales.

It's translated - usually by Google, although I speak several languages myself, into between 50 and 100 languages each month.

The site gets about a million hits a month, averaging about 100,000 page views.

That's a lot of company each month. I try to keep the place tidy.

storiesI began the site because at the time, there was nothing else like it on the Web for kids. Nothing that was bona-fide safe. Nothing that was quality. (I'm a professional writer, and a commercial artist/designer, and I used to be the webmaster for a college, so I know how to build web sites correctly. When the American Library Association called the site "easy to navigate," it was one of the best compliments I'd ever gotten.) poems

So I began. Although I have experience as a journalist (I used to be a newspaper columnist), and a background in public relations and marketing, I've never done any real selling, PR, or marketing of the site.

gamesStill. the site grew, and grew, and grew, until - well, as you can see from the graphic above - it's gotten a global reach.


The most I hope now, is to inspire kids - and their parents - to do the same. Find something you love, and feel confident. Never give up. Turns out: one single person can really, truly, make a difference.

As long as they never give up. More

Write me anytime - I still answer every letter, and I LOVE mail.

Yours sincerely,