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watercolor: man paddling away from dragon

Illustration by Elizabeth Bushey

watercolor on illustration board

Dragon Town

Paddle down to Dragon Town
And treasure you’ll discover
Beware the greedy dragons there
And gold their claws do cover.

They guard these jewels with jealous rage
These stolen gems, in caves, are kept.
You will not live to ripe old age
Unless you plan it, step-by-step.

Unless with caution, in you creep
Snatch the gold while dragons sleep
But snatch and fly – the dragon’s eye
Will open wide – his jaws will slide

His claws will scrape to catch you.
His teeth will grind to snatch you.
His wings will break the thunderclouds.
His roar will boom ferocious loud.

But you will know no dragon goes
Near any salty sea.
So row in haste, and leave this place
Far richer you than me.

All material © 1998-2005 Elizabeth Bushey, except where indicated.

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