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Boy in midnight room, stars in window, stars on pillowcase, green beanstalk in room

Illustration by Elizabeth Bushey

pen and ink on paper; Prismacolor markers

In My Midnight Room

In my midnight room
Sleep seems so silly
It’s a perfect playground
Hide and seek heaven
In shadow places
I don’t think I’m even tired
Can’t keep my head on the pillow
Long enough to close my eyes
I’ll miss the midnight adventures
In my closet
Under my bed
And maybe even
In the kitchen

On the other hand –
Once I do close my eyes
The pillow becomes a door
To a different kind
Of midnight adventure
Where I can ride the stars
Tell Mommy what to do
And climb every green beanstalk
Until the sun erases
The shadow places
In my morning room.

© 2006 Elizabeth Bushey

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All material © 1998-2005 Elizabeth Bushey, except where indicated.

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