Elizabeth is committed to bringing out the creative in every kid. Take one look at her award-winning web site, Inkless Tales, at www.inklesstales.comand you’ll see. It’s endorsed by the American Library Association, the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Internet Public Library, and Reading Is Fundamental (RIF.) It gets about 2 million hits a month from all over the planet.

Download a PDF that will give you a visual of what a concert setup looks like. (Venues vary, but this is generally the idea.)

Elizabeth owns and can bring all the sound equipment she needs. Hire her for a gig, and all YOU need to supply is electricity.





Everybody: Sing!

Knowing how all ages can’t resist a mike (“testing, one-two-three…”) she purposely uses a wireless headphone for freedom and audience interaction – and then sets up at least two other stand-alone mikes to bring gangs of “band recruits” from the audience, usually giving them musical instruments from her “Mary Poppins” bag of tricks for accompaniment.

photo: Elizabeth singing w kid




Press Kit

photo: Elizabeth Williams Bushey in concertElizabeth Williams Bushey connects with her audience – both kids and parents – by getting them immediately involved in the show.

Fun is what it’s all about. She’s no diva, although to a kid, anyone who shows up onstage with an electric guitar is automatically a – gasp! – rock star. She comes through on that promise, too, setting traditional tunes, like even the stodgy Row, Row, Row your boat (a current YouTube favorite) to a danceable hip-hop beat, and Mary, Quite Contrary to a growling Motown sound that rocks the house.

Her original tunes raise the roof, too: catchy but never sentimental, and often funny, they’re deliberately constructed for easy pickup and singalong – or play-along. She’s even got her own musical blues version of Simon Says.

Her philosophy, which usually sets the crowd alight? “Hey – don’t think you can sing? Doesn’t matter. The more of us who sing together, the better we ALL sound.”

Everyone comes away from her concerts feeling like a star. Parents have come up to her and said: “I can’t believe you got MY kid to sing.”

She must be doing something right.