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Elizabeth Williams Bushey
Inkless Tales

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(updated 9/2013)

Inkless Tales

  • average hits per month: approximately two million

  • Google Analytics indicate approximately

  • 100K-125K unique pageviews per month

  • According to Google Analytics benchmarks, Inkless Tales is far and away ahead of all sites its size, as well as kids and teens sites.

  • Inkless Tales is created and maintained solely by Elizabeth Williams Bushey, who writes, illustrates, and programs all the content, except where indicated.
    She created the site while working full-time, freelancing, and raising
    two daughters.

  • Elizabeth Williams Bushey still sometimes uses the same Apple G4 she began Inkless Tales on nine years ago, although now most of the site is built using an Apple MacBook Pro.

  • Inkless Tales is created using Adobe software: Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash.

  • Inkless Tales has won the following awards and honors:

    It is on the American Library Association's list of "Great Sites for Kids," under Favorite Children's Stories.

    It is listed by the Encyclopedia Britannica at www.britannica.com as one of the World's Best Web sites.

    It has won the Thistle Girl Award of Excellence for Design.

    The Mona Lisa Select Site Award

    The Gadzillion Award for Creative Thought on the Internet

    Britannica's Best

  • If you wish to peruse a partial list of schools and libraries which link to Inkless Tales, please visit this page. There are thousands.

If there are any more questions I can answer for you, please contact me at the following:

phone: 1-888-726-2752 or via e-mail at info@inklesstales.com.

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What people have said about Inkless Tales:

This wonderful online alphabet is animated when your students click on a letter, with wacky words beginning with each letter; audio-enhanced.

- Wrentham Elementary Schools Web Site
Wrentham, Massachusetts

An entertaining and educational sampling of stories, crafts, games, and poetry for young children. Attractive and easy to navigate, this site also includes children's book reviews and other "cool links" for kids.

The American Library Association, Great Sites for Kids.

Listen to cool stories online, build a beast in the game section, read poems, and have lots of fun at this amazing website. Games, stories, poems, and music - Inkless Tales has it all. Check it out! Awarded an American Library Association "Great Web Sites" Recommendation.

The Internet Public Library

colorful and well organized and the younger ones can find things to do over and over again. It provides positive activities for the younger children while stimulating their minds. I love it!

…Inkless Tales entertains and teaches my little ones and big ones alike.

Beautiful illustrations and compelling sounds draw me back again and again. The animated alphabet is a treat for any fontaholic. Oh and kids will love it too!

user reviews, Amazon.com

Wonderful site illustrating stories, poems, games and great printables

- Halifax Regional School Board, Halifax, Canada

Coloring fun and tongue twisters abound at Inkless Tales, along with poems, games, and more to play and learn. Read stories, write poems, find books that a child can read alone or be read to, and for a special treat, view the “inkless alphabet” to hear and learn the secret of decoding letters (and learn to read too!). Did you know that lively lions love lavender lemons?

Amigos Library Services, Dallas TX

Web site of the month, September 2006
Brewster Ladies' Library
Brewster, MA

Cool Site of the Week – Harrison County Public Library, Corydon, IN

An enjoyable and educational smorgasbord of stories, poetry, and games for kids of all ages. Don't miss the "Animated Alphabet!"

Oak Park Public Library, Illinois

A great collection of stories, games, cut-outs. Lots of things for kids to do on a rainy day

Reviewer, www.stumbleupon.com

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    (Photos by Tom Bushey, chief photographer, the Times Herald-Record.)

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