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What's In Here?

Fun, with learning in mind. Most of them are built with help and input from real kids, as you’ll see as you play.
short stories, some cartoons. Most are Flash-based. (Download the plug-in here.)

The Animated Alphabet:
There are two versions. One is Flash-based, the other is plain, which you can view whether or not you have Flash installed.
These are for children, and they’re kid-tested, too, through various poetry workshops I’ve given. If you’d like me to give one for your school or library, visit this page for details.

Pinwheels, tops, experiments, and other fun things you can make --all AWAY from the computer are what you'll find here. They come with clear instructions and photographs to follow, too, so they're easy to do.
Look for more kids' crafts in the grownups' section, too -- these require more adult supervision.
These are various different items you can print and play with on your own, including: Finger Puppet plays with stages you can assemble, pages to color, and more.
Coloring pages:
These are available in both online and printable versions.

Tongue Twisters:
Several of these in Flash versions for you to listen to.

Cool Clicks:
Links I like, that I think you will too.
Inkless Grownups:
Here I’ve packed in several things for grownups to do with their kids: cooking, crafts, and other printables to do away from the computer.
One of the most popular sections of the site. This old-fashioned craft is still a lot of fun, and easy for kids.
The Guestbook:
Sign it and send me a story of your own!
Story Sparkers:
These are new. Pictures, photos, and questions to get you started on ideas for stories and poems of your own. Send the ones you like to Inkless Tales and we'll post them!
Inkless Tunes:
This is new, too. Music for young and old, performed by Elizabeth Bushey. Comes with free MP3 downloads. Look for Elizabeth Bushey's new CD in the spring of 2007.
Inkless Science:
Three movies to get your interest going in the scientific world around you. Check them out!

Keep an eye out for new things added all the time!

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