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Story Sparkers: Inspiration for Creation!

Use the pictures and sentences here to jumpstart your own poems and stories. It's easy. You can't get it wrong, because there IS no wrong way to do it.

Have fun.

Experiment. Write down ANYTHING you want. You can always go back and change it so you like it better.

You DON'T even have to show anyone. Just writing it down is good and healthy for you.

But if you DO like it, and you want to send it to us here at Inkless Tales, we would be PROUD and PLEASED to post it here. Send your stuff to us at We LOVE your creative stuff.


When you look at these pictures, think about this:

  • How do YOU feel? Try to tell us with your words.
  • Think about your five senses. Can you imagine... the smells, tastes, sounds, sights, touches, beyond the pictures?


Still stuck? Need help? Write me, Elizabeth Bushey, at I'll be happy to give you a hand.

Girl with bee costume and big smile

photo by Elizabeth Bushey

Can you think of a story or poem to go with this picture?

Ideas to get you started:

  • What might have just happened?
  • Who is she?
  • Who are her friends?
  • Why does she look like a bee?
  • What is she feeling? Why?
  • What does this picture make YOU feel?

Ballerina jumping around in sneakers

illustration by Elizabeth Bushey

Can you think of a poem or a story to go with this picture?

Ideas to get you started:

  • Does she look like she is having fun?
  • Is she like you?
  • Why do you think she is wearing sneakers with a ballerina dress? Is she a rule-breaker or a rule-follower?
  • What else do you notice?


Can you think of a poem or a story to go with this picture?

  • Have you ever been to a place like this?
  • What does it smell like? What does it feel like? Try to describe it to someone who has never seen something like this. Pretend someone just got here from Mars, and has never seen a roller coaster.
  • Use colorful words.

Children on roller coaster at a county fair

Photo by Elizabeth Bushey

wooden frog sculpture

Photo by Elizabeth Bushey

What kind of poem or story can you think of for this guy?

  • What is he made of?
  • Where did he come from?
  • Did someone build him? Or did he just appear?
  • Is he friendly?
  • Can he talk? If he can talk, what does he say?
  • Can he move? Where would he go? Can he move all the time? If so, when?
  • Who does he love?


Can you think of a poem or a story for this picture?

  • Who are these two?
  • Is the boy afraid, or surprised?
  • What is in the box?
  • How do they know each other?
  • How long have they known each other?
  • Where did they meet? How did they meet?
  • Why is the creature giving the boy a box?

monster giving gift to boy

Illustration by Elizabeth Bushey

 girl and boy, day and night

Illustration by Elizabeth Bushey

How about a story or a poem for these two?

  • Who are they? Are they friends? Do they know each other?
  • What is everyone feeling in this picture?
  • Where are they?
  • What is in the bowl?
  • Why are the moon and the sun in the sky at the same time? Does that happen sometimes in real life?
  • How does this picture make YOU feel?

Try this one -- see what you come up with.

  • Who are these children?
  • What are they doing by the river bank?
  • Are they wishing for something?
  • Are they traveling?
  • Where is the river?
  • How do they know each other? DO they know each other, or did they just meet?
  • Where are their parents? Do they have parents?
  • Where are they going? Where have they been?
  • What happens next?

two children at a riverbank

Photo by Tom Bushey



All material © Elizabeth Bushey, except where indicated.

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