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broomstick block and tackle

The Broomstick Block and Tackle

  1. Take two broomsticks - or a mop and a broom, it doesn't really matter - and a length of rope.
  2. Tie one end of the rope to the top of the first stick, like you see in the picture to the left.
  3. Diagonally wrap the rope around the two sticks, going downward.
  4. Now: get two friends to try to pull the sticks apart, while you hold them together by the remaining length of rope.

Who wins?

You, of course.

Why, "of course?"

Because you've just built your first "block and tackle." As simple as it was to build, they are STILL used all the time by people who need to lift or move heavy objects.

Why does it work?

Well, you saw how well it DOES work. No matter how hard your friends tried to pull the sticks apart, you were EASILY able to keep them together, using very little effort.

That's because the ENERGY YOU EXERTED was very little, while they energy THEY needed to exert had to travel along ALL THAT ROPE in order to pull the sticks apart.

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