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Download PDFs of worksheets for kids to "finish" the story, picture, or be inspired.


Story and Picture Pages

Download these blank pages for students to fill in both pictures and stories for themselves.


Dolch Stories

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Links for Teachers:

Check out this collection of useful links.

Teacher Reward Bookmarks:

EASY! Print and hand out to your star students.

Download the Bookmarks here.

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(Here's what it looks like.)




Word list for teachers.

great job! good effort!

Running out of ways to say "well done?" Here's a handy list of alternatives.

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With fun ideas, helpful information, and even some creative recipes, the Inkless Tales Newsletter -- a monthly-ish production -- is a great way to keep up with what's going on here.

Teacher Resources

This ever-growing section of Inkless Tales is expanding constantly to address the needs of educators all over the country.

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