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paper house

Paper house

Kids love them. Some grownups can't get enough of them.

Other grownups don't know the difference between a bead and a B-52.

On the other hand, on a rainy day, when there's nothing to do except watch MORE cartoons, and you'd love desperately to shut the box off, wouldn't you love a fun project to do?

Especially one that DIDN'T have a million pieces, DIDN'T necessarily involve too much glue and glitter or play dough, and just MIGHT involve a little bit of learning? And was still fun?

And easy, even for parents who don't visit the craft store on a regular basis?

Try some of these pages and see how you like them. Better yet, see how your kids like some of the activities suggested here. I've tried whenever possible to make the activities as independent for the children as I could -- not only does it give the children a critical boost to their self-esteem to be able to complete as much of a project on their own, but it gives parents a little break!

-Elizabeth Bushey



Make a mask


Build a creature

milk jug scoop

Milk Jug Scoop Catch



This easy activity uses up an empty roll of wrapping paper or paper towels, too.



Got newspapers to recycle? The mat you make out of them keeps you dry and clean when you're outside watching summer fireworks.



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