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Make a Paper House.

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Paper House #1

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Paperhouse#1 Print Me!

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Paper House #2:

paperhouse #2

Paper House #3

paperhouse #3

Paper House #4

paperhouse #4


The instructions for this are printed right on the page. Basically, you just cut it out and assemble, but first, your little one can have a lot of fun coloring it in.

Cut on the solid lines, fold on the dashed lines. Tape or glue the simple, single tab shut. You can just place the roof on, or tape that on too -- as you prefer.

More houses to come. You can add to the village.

The nice thing about paper? You can recycle it and build again.

Once your little one builds this one, encourage him or her to build their own. Have them take a look at how it's constructed -- very simply.

For measuring "lessons" -- see how the roof fits many ways on the house -- across the house, and also up and down two sides of the triangle on the top.

Other great materials for house-building: shoe boxes, card stock, looseleaf paper. Any box, no matter how many sides are left, works well.

Your youngster might also want to draw and cut out some people to go inside.

Or some furniture. Very tiny furniture.

-Elizabeth Bushey | ebushey@inklesstales.com

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