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Beaver and Hummingbird

Beaver and Hummingbird

Hummingbird flew fast to find her friend Beaver. She found him by the river. He sat under a tree.

Why do you just sit there, Beaver?” Hummingbird hummed.

Beaver was not listening.

“Beaver? Hello?” Hummingbird hummed.

“I’m sorry, Hummingbird. What did you say?” Beaver said. He was unhappy.

Hummingbird wanted to help. “What is wrong, friend?”

“I hurt my paw,” Beaver said. “I use my paws to pull wood to the river. I use my paws to carry small twigs, too.”

“How did you hurt your paw?” Hummingbird hummed.

“I cut my paw,” Beaver said. “I thought the log was light, but it was heavy.”

“Oh no,” Hummingbird hummed.

“I tried to pick it up,” Beaver said, “which was a mistake.”

“Oh no,” Hummingbird hummed. “Did the log fall?”

Beaver nodded yes. “Now I cannot build my own dam.”

“Oh no,” Hummingbird hummed. “Are you sure?”

Beaver got grumpy. “How can a beaver build a dam if he can not use both paws?”

Hummingbird smiled. “I am only a simple bird,” she hummed. “I have not read many books like a builder beaver. But I know one thing.”

“What is that?” Beaver said.

“Two heads are better than one paw,” Hummingbird hummed.

Beaver was puzzled.

Hummingbird showed Beaver how they could work together.

“I am small,” Hummingbird hummed, “but I can help.”

Hummingbird DID help. She was able to use her long beak and her fast wings to wrap leaves around Beaver’s cut paw.

“I can use my paw again! You are a kind friend! Thank you, Hummingbird,” said Beaver.

“You are welcome, Beaver.”

When Beaver’s dam was done, he and Hummingbird had a nice lunch together to celebrate.





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