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The Cat and the Mouse

Cat and Mouse in kitchen - mouse is sitting in cat's food bowl The cat came to his bowl.

He found a mouse in it.

He found a mouse and his cat food.

The mouse was eating his cat food.

“What are you doing in my bowl of food?” asked the cat.

The mouse was afraid, but she did not show it. How would she get away? “Oh!” she said. “Is this your food? I did not know.”

That is my bowl, and that is my food,” the cat said. He was irritated.

“Really? This bowl of food is for you?” the mouse said. “I thought maybe the humans just dropped it here for anyone.”

Now the cat was more than irritated. He was starting to become angry. “No, they do not. They put this bowl on the floor for me.”

The mouse looked up and gave the cat a dreamy smile. “But it would be nice if they had left it here for everyone.”

Now the cat was really angry. “I can not think of anything less nice for me. Then every creature, like you, would come in here and eat my food!”

“Oh, my,” the mouse said. “Then what would you do?”

I would eat them, instead!” said the cat.

But I am not as tasty as this delicious food,” she said.

I guess not,” said the cat, scratching his head.

And suppose you were to eat me? Then you might not eat your cat food. You would be too full.”

“So what?” said the cat.

“Then the humans might not give you anymore,” the mouse warned.

The cat became frightened. No more cat food! What a terrible thought. His tail became fat and furry at the thought of it.

“Get out of my bowl,” the cat said at last. “Run away, and never let me see you again!”

“Do not worry, catkin! I may eat your food,” the little mouse called out as she scurried away, “but you will never see me do it again!”






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