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Grasshopper and Worm

Grasshopper and Worm

Come now!” said Worm.

Come now! Come quick!”

Worm’s friend Grasshopper came over very fast. Grasshopper bounced long bounces. He almost fell into Worm’s hole.

Are you all right?” Grasshopper asked. Grasshopper was very out of breath.

“Did you ask something?” Worm said. He could not understand his friend.

Just give me a minute,” Grasshopper said. He was still trying to catch his breath.

If I had a minute,” Worm said, “I would not say come now.”

Grasshopper frowned. “Listen, Worm,” he said, “I bounced over here so fast, I almost fell into your hole. This is no way to treat a friend.”

“You are right, Grasshopper,” Worm said. “I am sorry. But I am in a big hurry.”

Grasshopper sighed. “Okay, Worm. I went all the way from the other side of the meadow. I might as well help you.”

Worm wrapped his little body around Grasshopper

“May I ask what you are doing, Worm?” Grasshopper said.

“I am giving you a big bug hug,” Worm said. “I said come, and you came.”

Grasshopper groaned. “I have an appointment later, Worm. I don’t have all day.”

“Oh!” Worm said. “Here is what I need.”

Worm went down his hole for a moment. He came back up with a big hat. Its brim had two feathers on the side. The feathers were blue and red.

“I am going for a ride this morning with Robin Redbreast,” Worm said. “I can not decide which feather to choose for my hat. Should I choose red or blue?”

Grasshopper stared at Worm. Then he stared at the hat. Then he stared at Worm again.

“This is your big emergency?” Grasshopper said. “I say, no feathers at all.”

No feathers?” Worm said. He was surprised.

No feathers,” Grasshopper said. “Robin has plenty of feathers of his own.”

Grasshopper got ready to bounce away. “And no more wasting my time, Worm. Have a nice ride!”




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