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Spotless Fanny Doodle


Spotless Fanny Doodle

Fanny and Poodle go shopping for a house project. What happens then? Always a surprise when this pair take on a task.

(Look for more Fanny and Poodle stories, coming soon)

Make your OWN story!!

Story Sparkers HERE

Kids: Like these stories? Try some of your own!

You can DO it. All you have to do it TRY!

You don't need much to get started with a story.

Just your imagination. And some basics:

Like paper, and something to write with:

paper and pen

Maybe something to draw with, too.

kids' art materials

Here are some idea starters:

red balloons with cloud background

Ask yourself some questions:

Where did the balloons come from?

Where are they going?

Who belongs to the balloons?

Is there a problem? How will it get solved?

Here are some starter questions:

  • Did this boy get what he wanted?
  • Is this his party?
  • Why is he alone?
  • Is there a problem to solve?

girl eating orange ice cream

Idea starters:

  • What is this girl feeling?
  • Is she in a rush? Or is she feeling slow?
  • Is she happy? Or what else might she be feeling?
  • Why did she get this treat?


Idea starters:

Not all stories are made-up. Some are true stories. These are called "non-fiction," and they are every bit as interesting as fairy tales and other kinds of stories.

Maybe there are things you are interested in, or things you know about, like seahorses, dinosaurs, or dogs, that would make a good story.

You are much more interesting than you might think you are!

If YOU are excited about something, it is easy to get someone ELSE excited about it, too.

Story Sparkers, here >>>>


Fanny Doodle: a girl and her poodle.

Fanny Doodle.

Fanny Doodle and her poodle -- what happens when she takes it upon herself to change his appearance? Find out.

Fanny Doodle in the Park

Fanny Doodle in the Park.

What are Fanny Doodle and her poodle up to now? Read their latest adventure!

tenrec and hedgehog

Tenrec and Hedgehog

Watch the beginning of a beautiful friendship as this new series begins.with the story: "Spikes and All."


Dolch Stories

Big Ladybug and Tiny Ladybug

Using words from the famous Dolch list, Tiny Ladybug braves the outdoors all by himself - although Big Ladybug has his doubts.

beaver and hummingbird

Dolch Stories

Beaver and Hummingbird

When Beaver hurts his paw, Hummingbird helps.


squirrel and bumblebee

Dolch Stories

Squirrel and Bumblee

Squirrel is drawing a bath. Bumblebee laughs: how can Squirrel get clean with a picture?

pig and porcupine

Dolch Stories

Pig and Porcupine

Using words from the famous Dolch list, this story tells about Pig and Porcupine and their trip home from a hard day's work at Mr. Goose's. Three dollars in their pocket. What to do, what to do....


Dolch Stories

The Skunk and the Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly

Using words from the famous Dolch list, a hard-working skunk realizes the true friendship of a Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly when she helps him celebrate himself AND have fun at the same time.

Grasshopper and Worm

Dolch Stories

Grasshopper and Worm

Using words from the famous Dolch list, Grasshopper helps Worm make a BIG decision. At least - it's a big decision for Worm.

Six Baby Mice

Dolch Stories

Six Brown Baby Mice

Using words from the famous Dolch list, six baby mice play outside - as carefully as they can - but when they count up all the mice when it's time to come in, they only count five. Where's the missing mouse?

Frog and Fish

Dolch Stories

Fish and Frog

Using words from the famous Dolch list, Frog laments to her friend Fish that green is simply NOT her color. What's a frog to do? Fish has an interesitng answer.

The Sparrow and The Mole

Dolch Stories

The Sparrow and The Mole

Using words from the famous Dolch word list, Sparrow does his best to convince his friend Mole to come out in the sun and play.

Cat and Mouse

Dolch Stories

The Cat and The Mouse

Using words from the famous Dolch word list, this story of a cat and a mouse is easy to read -- and funny, besides.

Little Bunny and Little Cricket

Dolch Stories

Little Bunny and Little Cricket

Using words from the famous Dolch sight word list, this edge-of-your-seat story of Little Bunny and Little Cricket is easy-to-read.

Boy on trike

One To Ten:
Guess Again.

Count with a little boy, and try to figure out where he is headed.
Read it here.

Now in spanish flag Spanish and French flag French.

Sue looking out the moonlit window

Sue Can't Sleep.

What can she do? Sheep won't do! Read it here.

Beatrice Bee

Beatrice Bee

Beatrice Bee never listens to me.

Listen to it here.


Ladybug, ladybug.

Enjoy this updated nursery rhyme.

Bear, Alligator, Cat

Le Fouille:

(The Tumble, or the Mess.)

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